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Climate change is causing storms in UK

The recent extreme weather in UK is related to climate change. UK’s National Weather Service, Met Office’s report said that the storms and extreme weather are related to climate change.

The report is produced by the Center of Ecology and Hydrology

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Climate change in Bangladesh

By 2020, anywhere from 500- 750 million people are projected to be affected by water availability due to climate change around the world. Low-lying coastal regions, such as Bangladesh are vulnerable to the Sea level rise and increased occurrence of intense, extreme weather conditions such as the cyclones from 2007–2009.

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Department of Disaster Management (DDM) under the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief was set up in November 2012 following enactment of the Disaster Management Act 2012.

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Acquire Technologies and Appropriate Tools to Manage Water Resources

Develop a wastewater policy and wastewater treatment implementation strategy and to undertake sewage and wastewater treatment technology assessments focusing on coral island needs and priorities including a diagnostic analysis of areas of critical concerns related to climate change adaptation.